Jan 202014
Architecture Frameworks for SysML

SysML defines neither an architecture framework nor a method. This opens discussions of how to structure the model, what views to build, which artifacts to deliver and in what sequence. Every customer I see deals with the same issue a bit differently. Some use defense architecture frameworks like DoDAF, NAF, MODAF, others use FAS; however, […]

Jan 172014
How to Build a Sustainable Modeling Culture

The traditional document-centric systems engineering paradigm is currently under slow transition to model-based systems engineering (MBSE) approach. There are many reasons for the slowness of this transition. For instance, there are many long-term projects, rumors about unsuccessful applications of MBSE, too little information available how to proceed, disbelief, etc. However, the core barrier is definitely […]

Jan 152014
Automated Model Element Conversion with JRuby Script

MagicDraw allows the conversion of one model element type to another. To do this, the user selects an element and invokes the conversion action from the context menu. If the model is large and we need to convert many elements, it is more convenient to automate the element conversion task. The Macro Engine allows the […]

Jan 122014
Pusher / Magnet for Making More or Less Space in Your Diagrams Easily

This feature was sitting in our backlog for a while and we finally decided to implement it! Let’s say you have the following domain diagram and decide that you want to insert new classes between Loan and Customer: To do that easily, click on the Pusher icon in the top of the diagram palate: Choose […]

Jan 122014
Have You Considered Using Automatic Layout?

Yes, it was not so good, maybe even stressful. But give it another look – there is an improved label layout in diagrams now. Let’s see what we did. Diagram automatically sorted with the OLD MagicDraw v17.0.4 (do Layout -> Quick Diagram Layout):  The same diagram automatically laid-out using MagicDraw 17.0.4 SP1:    

Jan 122014
Finding Elements by Property Values

Searching for elements by property value is simplified. Let’s say you want to find abstract classes in your model. For this, open the Find dialog (Edit -> Find) and specify that you will be looking for classes in the Type field: Now click on the Options button and press the “…” button in the “Properties” […]

Jan 122014
Reconnecting Relationships in Diagrams by Editing Their Ends in the Specification Window

It is not only possible to reconnect relationships from one element to another in diagrams, but diagrams are also updated when you make changes via specification windows. Here is an example which properties values to change for association between classes in order to reconnect it from one element to another:

Jan 122014
Showing Metaproperties on Shapes and in Notes

In MagicDraw, notes are used not just to show/enter documentation for the element, but also to display derived information, which is an extremely powerful feature (I’m not aware of another tool that supports this capability). Let’s say you want to show inherited properties for a class. You can attach a note to an element, press […]

Jan 062014
Automatic Web Publishing from Teamwork Server

The information dissemination and exchange for many our clients is very important and should be up-to-date. This is the reason why many of them are using Web publishing features and sharing Web based reports of their MagicDraw projects in the Intranet (i.e. within the organization), Extranet (between the organization and its business partners), or even […]