Mar 072018
Use of Delegation Connector to Forward Signal

If you want to model communication channel which crosses part of the system but does not affect it you can use delegation connector. This would allow to send signal from one system part forward it through intermediate one and receive it at target system part. Video demonstrating sample Rocket sample Let’s take rocket model sample. […]

Oct 082017
Building Executable SysML Model – Automatic Transmission System (Part 1)

SysML allow both structural and behavioral modeling of the system. SysML models can be formally interpreted and executed. Ones executed analysis can be performed at system level. Ones we are good with simulation results we can prototype. Using programmable Lego Mindstors NXT for prototyping is an out of the box way to test and demonstrate […]

Feb 012017
Adapting the GUI of an Executable System Model to specific Variants using PLE Tool integrations

Product Line Engineering (PLE) is the engineering of a family of related products using a shared set of (digital) engineering assets. In case of physical systems, before the actual production of a product line begins, a whole set of digital artifacts must be maintained to describe the entire family (variants) of products. In the context […]

Nov 202014
Engineering Analysis on SysML Models Webinar

Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) promises an increase in productivity by shifting from documents to models as the main means to develop systems. However, in order to reach this promise, an organization has to implement proper standardized practices, which enables productive analysis on models. Organizations not complying with the standardized approach suffer from the loss […]

Oct 132014
NASA Perspective on Trends in Executable Models

This poster focuses on the trends in UML simulation toolkits where tools interpret models instead of relying on generated code. This is an important development since it requires minimal configuration, can be used earlier in thelifecycle and can evolve as the design matures. Poster was presented at 2011 IV&V Annual Workshop by Tom Gullion

Jun 112014
Intel CoFluent Methodology for SysML

This paper presents the Intel® CoFluent™ methodology for SysML and associated tool support. The methodology is based on UML with SysML and MARTE profiles. It allows automatic model transformation from this format to the Intel® CoFluent™ technology DSL. The methodology can be seen as a set of modeling rules and restrictions applied to SysML/MARTE. These […]