Dec 192014
Cameo Collaborator: Publish and Review models on the Web

Intro to Cameo Collaborator Cameo Collaborator is a new product MagicDraw core team has been working on since April, 2014. It helps team members to review their work by connecting model authors, reviewers, and stakeholders on the web. I am excited to share the information that we have just released the second Alpha version of […]

Aug 072014
Installing and Running MagicDraw Teamwork Server on Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Platform

Cloud computing has already proven worthy of attention from established enterprises and start-ups alike. Most businesses are looking at cloud computing with more than just idle curiosity. As of this writing, IT market research suggests that most enterprise IT managers have enough resources to adopt cloud computing in combination with on-premises IT capabilities. Properly adjusted […]

Dec 172013
Four Key Improvements When Managing the Teamwork Server Repository

This article gives details of common undesirable situations users have encountered while working with a Teamwork Server repository containing multiple projects. All of these situations can easily lead to more serious problems such as: data loss, duplicated and inconsistent data, and lost time from cleaning up errors. We suggest an easy way to identify and remedy issues in […]