Mar 312014
TMF Frameworx & Nomos RuleX, Cameo E2E Builder/Server – Part 5

The TM Forum Integration Framework is a set of standards that supports the interoperability between applications defined in the Application Framework via TM Forum interfaces. The interfaces are defined in terms of the Information Framework’s entities/attributes, and the requirements for the interfaces from a business process perspective, which comes from the Business Process Framework. That is […]

Mar 162014
TMF Frameworx & MD Cameo Business Modeler – Part 4

The Frameworx Application Framework provides a common language for communities who specify, procure, design, and sell operation and business support systems, so that they can understand each other’s viewpoints. It provides logical groupings of applications, then defines each application’s offered functionality. The logical grouping of applications follows the lead set by the Information Framework and […]

Mar 162014
TMF Frameworx & MD Cameo Business Modeler – Part 3

The Frameworx Information Framework provides a reference model and common vocabulary for all the information required to implement Business Process Framework processes. It reduces complexity in service and system integration, development and design by providing an off-the-shelf information model that can be quickly adopted by all parties. There are two perspectives to the Information Framework; […]

Mar 132014
TMF Frameworx & MD Cameo Business Modeler – Part 2

The Business Process Framework is a hierarchical catalog and classification scheme of the key business processes required to run a service-focused business. At the conceptual level, the framework has three major level o process areas, reflecting major focuses within typical enterprises: Strategy, Infrastructure and Product Operations Enterprise Management The Strategy, Infrastructure & Product (SIP) process […]

Mar 122014
TMF Frameworx & MD Cameo Business Modeler - Part 1

The TeleManagement Forum is a global trade association with 1,000 member companies representing 100,000 professionals in 195 countries. The TM Forum is focused on bringing together the digital ecosystem, including communication service providers, digital service providers and enterprises, with the goal of enabling an open digital world. Frameworx is the TM Forum suite of best […]