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It can be Tips & Tricks or complete articles comprehensively analyzing problems, or even planned capabilities to solve problems. Your experience is especially requested to help create better models.

It’s time to stop wondering and start growing.

The site is managed by No Magic Inc. However it is not intended for advertisement or for issue resolution. We saw the need for a place to learn. It contains information solving specific modeling, model usage or management problems only.

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Selected partners are those contribute to products in various ways. In addition to posting ability, the role has access to educational material. We constantly organize webinars on: advance capabilities (e.g. DSL, Teamwork), new versions, processes (e.g. Best Practices of Agile Modeling, Building a Sustainable Modeling Culture in the Company), technologies, et. al.

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Representative of  a product MagicDraw* integrates with. In addition to educational material, the role has access to release dates, early builds and other development related information.
* This is valid for all MagicDraw-based Cameo Suite products.

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