Dec 282014
The Belgian Energy Market Model

In May 2013, Atrias published the first part of the new Belgian Utility Market Implementation Guide (UMIG) 6. The UMIG 6 describes the new market model and market processes which are designed to handle future evolutions such as installation of smart meters, increase in decentralized production, commercial differentiation in tariffs, etc. Together with the implementation of the […]

Dec 192014
Cameo Collaborator: Publish and Review models on the Web

Intro to Cameo Collaborator Cameo Collaborator is a new product MagicDraw core team has been working on since April, 2014. It helps team members to review their work by connecting model authors, reviewers, and stakeholders on the web. I am excited to share the information that we have just released the second Alpha version of […]

Dec 022014
Cameo Business Modeler: A Modeling Platform for Business Architecture

We continue our series of presentations on No Magic, Inc. products and the different domains they cover. This is a one hour long overview of Cameo Business Modeler product that provides BPMN 2.0 modeling capabilities. At No Magic we believe that the Business Analysts should have products dedicated to their needs. Cameo Business Modeler product […]