Oct 282014
Model Based Systems Engineering Ecosystem: Realizing the Business Benefits of OMG Standard

This is a comprehensive overview of the No Magic, Inc. MBSE Ecosystem. The presentation covers the following sections: MBSE motivation, Basics of SysML, SysML in Cameo Systems Modeler, System model as an integration framework, Data Import, Documents to models, UML-based model migration, Tools overview, Requirements Management, System Lifecycle Management (SLM), Simulation with Cameo Simulation Toolkit, […]

Oct 242014
Requirements Interchange Between UPDM and DOORS

These videos demonstrate how to interchange requirements between UPDM (CV-1) and DOORS using Cameo DataHub. Cameo DataHub is a data bridge solution that enables the import, export, automatic synchronization, and creation of references between MagicDraw®, SysML Plugin, UPDM Plugin, Cameo Requirements Modeler Plugin, Rational® DOORS® , Rational® RequisitePro® , Cameo Requirements+, and CSV files. DOORS […]

Oct 232014
Systems of Systems Engineering Webinar

Systems of Systems Engineering (SoSE) is a set of developing processes, tools, and methods for designing and re-designing complex systems. It’s a challenging practice that requires sophisticated tools like MBSE, SysML, and modeling software like Cameo Systems Modeler. The session demonstrates: System definition vs. system usage Modeling Internal block definition (ibd) diagrams (including tool usability […]

Oct 212014
Model-Based Requirements Engineering Webinar

Model-based Requirements engineering is a new approach for capturing, analyzing, and tracing requirements based on OMG Systems Modeling Language (SysML) The session demonstrates: Requirements Synchronization between Requirements Management and Systems Modeling tools Requirements Diagram Requirements Table Requirements Analysis Tracing Architecture to Requirements Document generation out of the model The session is hosted by Dr. Saulius […]

Oct 202014
Comprehensive Overview of the Application of MBSE at JPL NASA

JPL NASA is successfully applying MBSE to real project systems engineering problems across a wide landscape of project types, activities and lifecycle phases.  Approximately 20 development tasks are applying MBSE at JPL across the full lifecycle. JPL’s Mission for NASA is Robotics space exploration in following areas: Mars, Solar system,  Exoplanets,  Astrophysics,  Earth Science, and […]

Oct 132014
NASA Perspective on Trends in Executable Models

This poster focuses on the trends in UML simulation toolkits where tools interpret models instead of relying on generated code. This is an important development since it requires minimal configuration, can be used earlier in thelifecycle and can evolve as the design matures. Poster was presented at 2011 IV&V Annual Workshop by Tom Gullion http://www.nasa.gov/centers/ivv/workshops/ivvworkshop_2011.html#.VDxMvRak-8Q

Oct 122014
Modeling & Simulation of CubeSat

CubeSats are a class of research spacecraft called nano satellites. The cube-shaped satellites are approximately: 10 cm long, have a volume of about 946 cm3, weigh about 1.4 kg. CubeSats are flown as auxiliary payloads on previously planned missions. MBSE for CubeSat: Generic CubeSat Reference Model and Simulation Challenge How do satellite states evolve throughout […]