Oct 232014

Systems of Systems Engineering (SoSE) is a set of developing processes, tools, and methods for designing and re-designing complex systems. It’s a challenging practice that requires sophisticated tools like MBSE, SysML, and modeling software like Cameo Systems Modeler.

The session demonstrates:

  • System definition vs. system usage
  • Modeling Internal block definition (ibd) diagrams (including tool usability tips & tricks)
  • Using already defined system in the context of another system
  • Modeling SysML 1.4 ports (proxy port, full port) and flows
  • Structural breakdown of a system

The session was hosted by Dr. Darius Silingas, Head of Solutions Department at No Magic, Inc.

Learn more at: http://www.nomagic.com/mbse/

This webinar is part of a series of webinars on Model-based Systems Engineering: from theory to best practices, covering the most important aspects of systems and SoS modeling, analysis, and simulation.

Series consists of four webinars, each focusing on different aspects and delivered by the best experts in the field:

Webinar 1
Model-based Requirements engineering
September 18 14:00 GMT
Webinar 2
Systems of Systems Engineering
October 16 14:00 GMT 
Webinar 3
Engineering analysis on SysML Models
November 6 15:00 GMT
Webinar 4
Defense Systems Engineering with NAF and SysML
December 11 15:00 GMT
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