Aug 072014
Installing and Running MagicDraw Teamwork Server on Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Platform

Cloud computing has already proven worthy of attention from established enterprises and start-ups alike. Most businesses are looking at cloud computing with more than just idle curiosity. As of this writing, IT market research suggests that most enterprise IT managers have enough resources to adopt cloud computing in combination with on-premises IT capabilities. Properly adjusted […]

Aug 062014
Adoption of SysML by a Railway Signaling Manufacturer

This industrial case study reports the experience of a railway signaling manufacturer in introducing the SysML notation within its development process by means of the TOPCASED tool. Though the tool was later replaced by MagicDraw, the experience is useful to understand the potential of the notation for requirements formalization and analysis, together with the advantages and […]

Aug 052014
Variant Modeling with SysML

Many systems exist in different configurations. A product line, a custom product or different designs for trade-off studies. The current version 1.2 of SysML doesn’t provide explicit built-in language constructs to model variants. The profile mechanis of SysML can be used to extend SysML with a concept for variant modeling. I’ve defined a simple variant […]