Tim Weilkiens


Tim Weilkiens, Managing Director of the German consulting company oose (http://www.oose.de), is a member of the OMG working groups about SysML and UML and has written sections of the SysML specification. He is a content developer of the OCEB and OCSMP certification program. He is well known for developing the SYSMOD methodology (http://www.sysmod.de). He is involved in the INCOSE MBSE activities and co-founder of the MBSE Challenge Team SE^2 Telescope Modeling (http://mbse.gfse.de/). Tim Weilkiens is Model based system engineering blog author (www.model-based-systems-engineering.com). He is author of several articles and books, e.g. about the SysML (http://www.system-modeling.com), UML, Business Process Management, and MBSE.

Aug 052014
Variant Modeling with SysML

Many systems exist in different configurations. A product line, a custom product or different designs for trade-off studies. The current version 1.2 of SysML doesn’t provide explicit built-in language constructs to model variants. The profile mechanis of SysML can be used to extend SysML with a concept for variant modeling. I’ve defined a simple variant […]