Nov 202014
Engineering Analysis on SysML Models Webinar

Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) promises an increase in productivity by shifting from documents to models as the main means to develop systems. However, in order to reach this promise, an organization has to implement proper standardized practices, which enables productive analysis on models. Organizations not complying with the standardized approach suffer from the loss […]

Nov 182014
Data Modeling for the Business Analyst

This is a one hour long tutorial on data modeling. It is well balanced between theory and practice and gives the required information to cover this area and one step ahead. It covers the following sections: Data modeling concepts, Data modeling techniques, Detailed data modeling, Testing data models with data examples, Data model validation: correctness […]

Nov 122014
High-quality Interface Specifications with SysML Modelling

This article describes an approach that, starting with a overview of the system, leads to a detailed interface specification in clearly defined steps. The approach has been developed over the course of many technical discussions in collaboration with railway engineering experts of Deutsche Bahn AG. It is especially suitable for creating high-quality specifications in the complex environment […]