Aurelijus Morkevičius


I am Solution architect @ No Magic for model-based systems and software engineering (mostly based on SysML and UML) and defense architectures (DoDAF, MODAF, NAF). I'm Working with companies such as General Electric, Kongsberg Defense and Airspace, INDRA, ESS, Amadeus, BMW, etc. I hold PhD in Informatics Engineering.

Apr 092015
Unified Architecture Framework (UAF): A New Page of UPDM

A wind of changes blew two weeks ago in the OMG meeting in Reston deciding the future of Unified Profile for DoDAF and MODAF (UPDM). There were a lot of talks about OMG taking over DoDAF and renaming it to UAF; however that is not exactly the truth. DoDAF is here and OMG is not […]

Nov 202014
Engineering Analysis on SysML Models Webinar

Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) promises an increase in productivity by shifting from documents to models as the main means to develop systems. However, in order to reach this promise, an organization has to implement proper standardized practices, which enables productive analysis on models. Organizations not complying with the standardized approach suffer from the loss […]

Jul 042014
Engage the Language of Technical Computing

Perform advanced Numeric Computations with values in the SysML model. Analyze and Visualize SysML model data. Set-up Co-simulation. Cameo Systems Modeler provides multiple integration points with the most popular environments for numerical computation, visualization, and programming – such as  Mathworks MATLAB, Wolfram Mathematica, and Maple, including: Direct functions calling Math solver functions can be called […]

Jan 202014
Architecture Frameworks for SysML

SysML defines neither an architecture framework nor a method. This opens discussions of how to structure the model, what views to build, which artifacts to deliver and in what sequence. Every customer I see deals with the same issue a bit differently. Some use defense architecture frameworks like DoDAF, NAF, MODAF, others use FAS; however, […]

Jan 172014
How to Build a Sustainable Modeling Culture

The traditional document-centric systems engineering paradigm is currently under slow transition to model-based systems engineering (MBSE) approach. There are many reasons for the slowness of this transition. For instance, there are many long-term projects, rumors about unsuccessful applications of MBSE, too little information available how to proceed, disbelief, etc. However, the core barrier is definitely […]