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Perform advanced Numeric Computations with values in the SysML model.

Analyze and Visualize SysML model data.

Set-up Co-simulation.

Cameo Systems Modeler provides multiple integration points with the most popular environments for numerical computation, visualization, and programming – such as  Mathworks MATLAB, Wolfram Mathematica, and Maple, including:

Direct functions calling

Math solver functions can be called directly from SysML Activity diagrams using Opaque actions. Script, referring by name, can access all variables in the particular context, such as value properties of the enclosing block, activity parameters, and input pins.


Figure 1. Function call


Invoking Simulink model (MATLAB specific)

Use “sim” function to invoke Simulink model.

Fig. 2 Invoke Simulink model

Figure 2. Invoking Simulink model


Math Engine as parametric solver

Use Math solver to solve SysML Parametric model, featuring acausal solving of parametric equations.


Figure 3. Parametric solver


Command line

Type and execute Math solver functions directly in Cameo Systems Modeler and directly at run-time.


Figure 4. Command line


Import/Export run-time variables

Exchange workspace variables in Math solver with values of the SysML model.


Figure 5. Variables


Parse M-files (MATLAB specific)

Drag & Drop M-file onto Cameo Systems Modeler and you’ll get it parsed and SysML Parametric Equation created and populated with parameters.


Figure 6. M-files parser


Remote solver support

Connect to Math solver server deployed anywhere in the world.

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