Dec 022014

We continue our series of presentations on No Magic, Inc. products and the different domains they cover.

This is a one hour long overview of Cameo Business Modeler product that provides BPMN 2.0 modeling capabilities. At No Magic we believe that the Business Analysts should have products dedicated to their needs. Cameo Business Modeler product family is the answer to this. The presentation introduces the product position in the tool-chain, what kind of capabilities are in Cameo Business Modeler with application samples, and the value product provides.



Download (PDF, 5.7MB)

The presentation was recorded live at the 2014 No Magic World Conference, May 4-7, Allen, Texas, and delivered by the head of the Solutions Department, Darius Šilingas, PhD.

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  2 Responses to “Cameo Business Modeler: A Modeling Platform for Business Architecture”

  1. I was looking forward to hearing Darius’s presentation, but alas, the feedback and echo-chamber effect made it difficult to understand. Perhaps it is only me and others will find the audio better. But in case this might be more than me two throughts:
    (1) Could you re-record the audio and make it a part of the PDF download? Granted, that will make it quite large, but it would make this more useful.
    (2) Perhaps in the future you couldrecord vidio + audio together?

  2. Hello Victor,

    Thank you for your comments. We will check what is possible at the moment. In general we try to have higher quality recording during events.

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