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FrameworxLogo-TAMThe Frameworx Application Framework provides a common language for communities who specify, procure, design, and sell operation and business support systems, so that they can understand each other’s viewpoints. It provides logical groupings of applications, then defines each application’s offered functionality.

The logical grouping of applications follows the lead set by the Information Framework and reuses the management area domain-based approach. The Application Framework has the same 7 core domains and adds 2 more; Cross Domain and Integration Infrastructure.

TAM Domains

Frameworx defines an application to be a set of one or more software artifacts consisting of well defined functions, data, business flows, rules and interfaces. Applications are implementable as a deployable package, and procurable in the system market place.

Applications support Business Process Framework business activities and this mapping in the model can be used to produce a report that looks like the following:

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Another way to represent the applications needed to support a given business process is to use a Dependency Matrix diagram:


The next step in this series is to explore the Integration Framework, which provides a definition of business services that can be used by business tasks to gain access to the provided application capability and needed information.

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