Mar 262014

Two years ago, the French National Education decided to bring a Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) approach to the schools with a focus on engineering and natural sciences. Each School (Fr. Lycee) chose their own solution to implement this approach.

The Lycees based their choices on several criteria, including ease of use, and standard compliance to SysML. Baudouin Martin led a nationwide evaluation group, and their top recommendation was the No Magic, Inc., MBSE solution consisting of MagicDraw with the SysML plugin. Approximately 300 Lycees now use this solution for MBSE education. Baudouin Martin also provides courses for instructors, nationwide.

Below you can find MBSE courses recorded by Baudouin Martin:

The Lycees developed a course book, using where MagicDraw and SysML as the core tool.

More about No Magic, academic and research programs can be found at

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