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MBSE is an integrated approach. To get the best solution, large organizations adopt MBSE toolchains in their modeling environment. This process involves choosing the right tools from different vendors, applying client work process, and ensuring their inter-operability in the right way.

Today we‘re delighted to share how MBSE is applied to model complex systems of systems and how No Magic‘s modeling tools are used by one of the world‘s biggest train and rail equipment manufacturers Bombardier Transportation.


Constantly changing requirements for development and their approval, as well as the documentation of existing systems, require a new approach for functional and safety analysis of railroad systems. The usual, linear text-based methods quickly reach their limits. The focus on model-based systems engineering approaches is increasing, in particular with respect to serviceability, assuring consistency and supporting in change impact analysis.

The company needed a solution that would reduce development costs while increasing quality of the design artifacts.


Bombardier Transportation applied an MBSE solution for modeling rolling stock such as trains, locomotives and metros and their integration into the railway system, based on the system requirements and safety attributes which are integrated from the requirements management and safety analysis work.

Integrated toolchain

Integrated toolchain


MBSE is an integrated approach

MBSE is an integrated approach

The MBSE application at Bombardier Transportation has been demonstrated in this year‘s:

  • Nordic Systems Engineering Tour by the world class Modeling Expert at Bombardier Transportation Mohammad Chami. The presentation took place on the 4th of June, in Helsinky, Finland.
  • SSSE symposium by the worldwide recognized Modeling Expert at Bombardier Transportation Omar Naas. The presentation took place on the 8th of September 2015, in Zurich, Switzerland.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

You can download this and other presentations from SSSE from here.

About Bombardier Transportation

Bombardier Transportation is a subsidiary of Bombardier Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of both planes and trains, with a worldwide workforce of 74,000 people. Bombardier is headquartered in Montréal, Canada.


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