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drivelineThis paper documents the real-world application of model-based systems engineering (MBSE) methodology and principles to an automotive driveline system. A system model developed in the course of this thesis supports the definition and sizing of the driveline system to best communicate and deliver functional specifications tied to customer requirements. Furthermore, this system model documents, organizes, manages and provides traceability for all customer, system, sub-system and component level requirements and is a useful tool supporting the system architecting and specification cascade process.

Team investigated and analyzed existing driveline component sizing tools and developed an exhaustive list of key assumptions and system design requirements which have been linked through a comprehensive SysML model. The key project deliverables are the SysML system model and a list of lessons learned / best practices collected during the development process.

The project was selected based on identified needs in the Ford Transmission and Driveline Engineering product development process.

Thesis based Proof of Concept was successfully completed with verified results recognized by academia and the industry.


Download (PDF, Unknown)


Download (PDF, Unknown)

Major benefits of applied MBSE:

  • A significant tool for automotive system design that offers many benefits, especially in communication through a common language
  • Requirement traceability is vastly improved
  • Faster delivery time along with more robust results and less cost

Authors indicate:

“Based on the success of a limited model, MBSE will be a significant tool for future automotive system designs. The state of SysML and MBSE appears to be similar to the implementation of CAD applications in the 1980’s, or CAE in the 1990’s. The MBSE market is slowly developing and SysML is beginning to penetrate industry through early adopters. Effectively, MBSE is an emerging market that is likely to grow in the future as its potential benefits are recognized by engineers.

Companies have not yet identified the benefits of model based system engineering, but when they do, the market will explode. Companies are likely to pursue enterprise implementations to reap the benefits in communication and requirement management across their organizations. At Ford, it is likely that SysML or something similar will be integrated into the existing Teamcenter CAD/CAE tools. If history is any guide, early adopters are likely to absorb the costs, but also guide the future development of this new technology.”

Thesis recognition by academia

President and Founder of Sigma Theta Mu, the honour society for systems and system engineering, personally inducted the first three student members ever into their society.  The team that did the transmission thesis was selected by the department head for this honour.  UDM’s chapter was chartered two weeks ago (with Stevens and Old Dominion). ”It was a real honour for me to be able to recognize Bob, Arun, and George for their work.  They are now STM members #7, #8, and #9” said Michael J. Vinarcik a Senior Lead Systems Engineer at Booz Allen Hamilton, adjunct professor at the University of Detroit Mercy, and advisors for thesis. He hopes that in a few years that number will be inducted many times over.

He indicates: “It’s been an interesting road since the first time Ms. Joyce Duncanson issued me a MagicDraw license for teaching…when I graduated from the MPD program myself in 2004 I had no way of knowing that one day I’d be teaching in it.  Yet here I am, signing a thesis as an advisor.  The No Magic team has been with me every step of the way (at least in recent years)… You have built a race car, and it makes me sad to see so many people driving it like a Yugo.  I may always be more Paul Newman than Mario Andretti, but I will promise you that I will continue to push every day to understand the tool better so that I can demonstrate its value to my clients and colleagues.”

No Magic, Inc. expresses sincere thanks and appreciation to Mike’s work. His work has driven bold innovation and brought value to numerous projects.


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