Mar 242016

TMTThe Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) system is currently being developed by the TMT Observatory Corporation. The main objective for the TMT related analysis is to provide state-dependent power roll-ups for different operational scenarios and demonstrate that requirements are satisfied by the design as well as mass roll-ups and duration analysis of the operational use cases.

The core of the system is a wide-field, altitude-azimuth Ritchey-Chretien telescope with a 492 segment, 30 meter diameter primary mirror, a fully active secondary mirror and an articulated tertiary mirror. The Alignment and Phasing System is a Shack-Hartmann (SH) wavefront sensor responsible for the overall pre-adaptive optics wavefront quality of the TMT.

The model is built with an approach to model-based systems analysis with SysML that is both rigorous and automated. The approach supports the kind of system analysis we mentioned earlier, i.e., requirements verification. The approach’s rigor is established with a modeling method that is an extension of INCOSE’s Object Oriented Systems Engineering Method (OOSEM). The extension, dubbed Executable System Engineering Method (ESEM), proposes a set of analysis design patterns that are specified with various SysML structural, behavioral and parametric diagrams. The purpose of the patterns spans the formalization of requirements, traceability between requirements and design artifacts, expression of complex parametric equations, and specification of operational scenarios for testing requirements including design configurations and scenario drivers. Furthermore, the approach is automated in the sense that the analysis models can be executed. The execution of the parametric diagrams is done with a parametric solver, where the execution of the behavioral diagrams is done with a simulation engine based on standard execution semantics.

An overview of system level simulation in general and the purpose of this model in particular you can find in this video:

Source of information including SysML model file and copyright is available at:

More about TMT can be found at:


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