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System designs are created at different levels of abstraction. There are two problems implied by this statement:

  1. A systems engineer working in one abstraction level does not want to use elements from another abstraction level in order to keep the model consistent. For example, when selecting a type of a part property in a SysML model, the engineer only wants to see types from the same abstraction level.
  2. In different abstraction levels, elements may have the same names. So, it takes the user time to find the right one from the desired abstraction level.

Beginning with MagicDraw version 18.3, users can save time to avoid these previously mentioned situations. There are two mechanisms to facilitate custom scope capability.

To improve modeling productivity, users can use Model elements instead of Packages. In this way, element lists are restricted to elements that are owned within the Model element. Here is an example:


Fig 1. Model scope

In the example above, when Filter by Package Imports is applied, only the interfaces which are owned in the Physical Model are shown in the type list (marked with the green rectangle). Interfaces nested in another abstraction level – Conceptual Model – are not included in the type list (marked with a red rectangle).

Another way to improve modeling productivity is to model context-specific scopes. All that is needed is to create Package Imports between packages. In this way, lists of types are restricted by imported elements only. Here is an example:


Fig 2. Imported scope

In the example above, a systems engineer uses specific value types from the ISO-80000 library in a specific scope. In another scope, the engineer may choose to use other types, thus improving modeling productivity when there is a need to identify the right types and elements.

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