Jul 032015

Enterprise Architecture Framework is a structured tool for managing the complexity of systems of systems engineering in the organization using different abstraction levels. Abstraction levels allow the definition of strategy, operations (requirements), and alternative tactics (solutions) needed to implement operational scenarios. EAFs provide infrastructure to ensure complete and correct specification of systems (including human resources) integration using various techniques such as engineering analysis, traceability, and metrics. Some of these techniques are covered in the webinar which demonstrates complete workflow of systems of systems engineering using DoDAF. The workflow starts from (i) defining capability requirements, (ii) specifying operational scenarios, (iii) providing several possible solutions for particular operational scenario, and (iv) managing projects portfolio required to implement the selected solution.

The session demonstrates:

  • Enterprise Architecture Frameworks
  • DoDAF viewpoints and models
  • Complexity management using different abstraction levels
  • Coverage analysis
  • Impact analysis
  • Model metrics
  • Best practices from our clients


The session will be hosted by Dr.Lina Bisikirskiene, CEA Product Manager at No Magic

Learn more at: http://www.nomagic.com/mbse/

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  1. Awesome thinking and also good blog …

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