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varations_cuavToday  there  is  increasing  recognition  of  the  potential  MBSE brings to system life cycle processes with the increasing complexity of systems and the  demands  of  the  global  marketplace.  In  order  for  the  practice  to  realize  this potential,  system  modeling  and  MBSE  must  be  part  of the  larger  model  based engineering  effort,  and  integrate  with  other  engineering  discipline  models  and modeling  activities  across  the  life  cycle  of  a  system.  This is placing increasing demands on the need for Model Lifecycle Management (MLM) as an essential part of an MBSE infrastructure.

The focus for this session is on our vendor experience and current best practices addressing MLM. The presentation provides a demonstration scenario to support exposing and exploring the significant challenges and issues facing MLM. We use this scenario for further analysis and as the subject to show how particular solutions and technologies address various MLM issues.

The session demonstrates:

  • Requirements specification
  • Design specification
  • Federation of UPDM and SysML models
  • Model reuse
  • Features modeling and variants specification using UPDM
  • Simulation
  • Trade-off analysis
  • Model Collaboration
  • Access control (CRUD)
  • Web based model review and formal approval using new Cameo Collaborator
  • Model and templates based documentation generation
  • Multi-site support
  • Model Development
  • Baselining
  • Configuration control
  • Change management
  • Model Use
  • Traceability analysis
  • Impact analysis

The presentation is based on the one delivered and very warmly accepted as part of the vendors challenge at the INCOSE workshop January 2015, in Torrance (California), United States.  A description of the challenge scenario can be found here – Configurable UAV Scenario

Sample project presented during the webinar (requires Cameo Enterprise Architecture v18.1 and Document Modeling Plugin to run)

Also you can download and use Sample teamwork server repository presented during the webinar (321 MB) (paste it under C:\ProgramData\.magicdrawserver\projects on Windows 7/8. Note Teamwork Server v18.1 was used)

The session is hosted by Dr. Saulius Pavalkis, Global Customer Support Manager at No Magic

Learn more at: http://www.nomagic.com/mbse/

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