Jul 022015

VerificationSystems Modeling Language (SysML) is used to capture systems design as descriptive and analytical system models, which relate text requirements to the design and provide a baseline to support analysis and verification.This session will demonstrate how model of the system, expressed with sufficient precision, can be used to support early requirements validation and design verification, particularly when coupled with an execution and simulation environment.
Additionally, we will show how to use test cases and associated verification procedures as combination of inspection, analysis, demonstration, and testing to verify that the designs satisfy the system requirements.

In particular, the session demonstrates:

  • Enterprise Architecture Frameworks
  • Representing text-based requirements in Cameo Systems Modeler
  • Requirements traceability, gap and coverage analysis
  • Refining and formalizing requirements
  • Selecting verification method
  • Defining testcases and analysis models
  • Performing automated requirements verification
  • Recording verification results, generating verification reports


The session will be hosted by Nerijus Jankevicius,  MBSE Product Manager at No Magic

Learn more at: http://www.nomagic.com/mbse/

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    Could you explain how the Bool2Verdict function is set up?

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