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We were delighted to be invited to speak at 31st Space Symposium tech track and present MBSE usage for highly complex projects.

At sold out tech track we shared the stage with Allan Lockheed Jr. (CEO of Allan Lockheed & Associates), Dr. Gordon Roesler Program Manager at DARPA, Jeff Greason founder and CTO XCOR Aerospace, and many other top space industry players.

Speakers presented new significant trends the space industry is facing at the moment: horizontal take off, commercial flights, reusable rockets, increase of small and inexpensive CubeSat satellites usage, service robots in GEO and LEO orbits, network centric GPS, tracking and predicting satellite collisions with space debris, and other.

MBSE presentations were accepted in a very welcoming manner. An increase in dynamics in highly complex space project requires a systematic integrated approach which MBSE gives. However MBSE for the space industry is nothing new, just the scale of the adoption is growing each year. We were glad that most of the largest participants at the Symposium are using our MBSE and modeling in general solutions: LMCO, Raytheon, BEA Sytems, Booz Allen Hamilton, Northrop Grumman, Sandia National Laboratories, NASA, Kongsberg, and others.

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MBSE Presentations

Telescopes and Earth Observation/Remote Sensing section

Saulius Pavalkis Ph.D. presented MBSE usage for European-Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT) design. This is the one of the kind project with more than billion euros budget and all the possible complexity which can be imagined. This is one of the largest publicly available MBSE information sources. This includes: the complex, interdisciplinary real world sample model recommendations, findings, issues, Open-Source MBSE Plugin for creating the model structure, extracting model variants, and supporting model based document generation based on DocBook, and multiple publications.

The E-ELT and preparatory projects are one of the most influential projects for SysML standard and MBSE tools development. One of the project’s and the supporting team’s goals was feedback for the MBSE tool vendors and OMG SysML standard. This resulted in hundreds of requests: hundreds of tickets in the No Magic, Inc., support system, tens of scientific and industrial papers, MBSE guidance, and inputs to SysML standard update which clarified the standard (SysML v1.3 were created updating interface part) and significantly moved forward the MBSE support in tools.

In this paper we overview MBSE application for this project as the core method to manage the complexity. We identified major MBSE usage aspects. Also we answered why and how MBSE was used for telescope modeling.

Presentation slides:

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Presentation paper:

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Small Satellite Design, Testing, and Infrastructure section

David Kaslow consultant and co-leader at INCOSE Space Systems Modeling challenge team multi-year project demonstrating the application of MBSE to the modeling of a space system presented MBSE usage for CubeSat paper – “Developing and Distributing a CubeSat Model Based System Engineering (MBSE) Reference Model.”

The team has been working to create system model that helps integrate other discipline-specific engineering models and simulations by capturing all aspects of a CubeSat. In the past three phases of the project, the team has created the initial iteration of the reference model, applied it to the Radio Aurora Explorer (RAX) mission, executed simulations of system behaviors, interfaced with commercial simulation tools, and demonstrated how behaviors and constraint equations can be executed to perform operational trade studies. The current fourth phase has been focused on the next iteration of the CubeSat Reference Model.


Download (PDF, Unknown)

AGI, Inc.

Talking about Space Symposium and not mentioning Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI) is not telling the whole story. The Space Symposium is a strong event for this company providing software used to model, analyze and visualize space, defense and intelligence systems. Its Systems Tool Kit (STK) is used in most of the space projects. And it’s new Commercial Space Operations Center (ComSpOC™) solution which tracks and predicts satellite collisions with space debris attracted much attention.

Collaboration between AGI and MBSE solutions extends models application and gives real world analysis capabilities e.g. the MBSE model for RAX-2 CubeSat. The future perspective is to use extendable model execution framework based on OMG fUML and W3C SCXML standards provided by No Magic, Inc. Cameo Simulation Toolkit together with real world information triggering it from the STK side.

Last but not least is the mood this company creates at the Space Symposium. The nightly executive meetings and the Monte Carlo Night were one of a kind.

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About Space Symposium

The Space Symposium is the premier global, commercial, civil, and military conference. It is a gathering of 11,000 space enthusiasts each year including the vice president of the United States; cabinet officials such as the secretaries of commerce, transportation and defense; secretaries of the Air Force; directors of the National Reconnaissance Office; commanders of United States Strategic Command, United States Northern Command and Air Force Space Command; NASA, NOAA and FAA administrators; heads of global space agencies; members of Congress; and senior industry executives, as well as a host of national and state officials, astronauts, private space travelers.

Event is held in The Broadmoor which is a hotel and resort in the Broadmoor neighborhood of Colorado Springs, Colorado. The Broadmoor is a member of Historic Hotels of America of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Its visitors have included heads of state, celebrities, professional sports stars, and businessmen.


Moments from the conference and exhibition

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