Jan 122016

“When compared to typical systems engineering endeavors, the application of model-based systems engineering delivers a 55% reduction of the total development cost. The most mature form of MBSE is model-based product line engineering (PLE). When compared to typical systems engineering endeavors, the application of model-based product-line engineering delivers a 41.6% reduction of the total development cost.”

Dev cost red MBSE

Dev cost red PLE

2015-12-30 09_50_29-EMF Report MBSE 2015These conclusions were recently presented in ‘How Product Development Organizations Can Achieve Long Term Cost Savings Using Model Based Systems Engineering’, a survey report released by Embedded Market Forecasters (EMF). The report covers results from the survey conducted among 4000 of embedded developers and managers, and is based on 6 years’ worth of data. The full report is available at http://www.embeddedforecast.com/. Direct link to the report: http://www.embeddedforecast.com/wp/?wpdmdl=257.

About EMF
EMF is the premier market intelligence and advisory firm in the embedded technology industry. Embedded technology refers to the ubiquitous class of products which use some type of processor as a controller. These products include guided missiles, radars, and avionics as well as robots, automobiles,
telecom gear, and medical electronics. Embedded Market Forecasters (EMF) is the market research division of American Technology International, Inc. EMF clients range from startups to Global 100 companies worldwide. Founded by Dr. Jerry Krasner, a recognized authority on electronics markets, product development and channel distribution, EMF is headquartered in Ashland, Mass.

Website: www.embeddedforecast.com
Email: jerry@embeddedforecast.com
Phone: +1 508-881-1850

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