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mapWe see the ongoing evolution of railway systems: rail vehicle and infrastructure-related systems manufacturers, transport and logistics companies, industry consultants, they all are pushing technology ahead with innovations. In order to ensure that the rail system will meet the future challenges, all of the above parties have to work together. Especially considering a safety-critical environment that introduces additional complexity: regulations, different considerations, and standards to be adhered.

No Magic has 15 years of expertise in applying model-based systems and software engineering across a wide range of industries. One of the main areas of application of our MBSE solution is a railway industry. We are here to help by combining what we know best: our experience, tools, best practices, methods, and strengths of standards compliance in the area of MBSE.

Companies such as Bombardier Transportation count on us when designing innovative products such as an electric locomotive TRAXX-AC3, featuring the last-mile diesel engine. TRAXX-AC3 is based on the most frequently sold and wide-spread locomotive series in Europe Bombardier TRAXX. Read more about MBSE applications in a railway industry: rail vehicles, transport & logistics, signaling & control, and intelligence.


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Area Company Project Solution
Rail Vehicles Bombardier Transportation. Bombardier Transportation is the rail equipment division of the Canadian firm Bombardier Inc. Bombardier Transportation is one of the world’s largest companies in the rail-equipment manufacturing and servicing industry. Designing innovative products: TRAXX-AC3 Locomotive. This is the newest generation TRAXX locomotive (the most frequently sold and wide-spread locomotives in Europe) and successor of the most successful AC2 modification. This electric locomotive features the last-mile diesel engine. This innovation makes it possible for an electric locomotive to bridge the gap between the place of arrival and the multi-modal freight terminal, the shunt yard, the harbor network or the client’s factory site. Client from Nov, 2005 through present. Benefiting from a complete MBSE solution well incorporated into Bombardier’s tool chain,  No Magic’s solution covers systems modeling, analysis, and simulation products, integration with IBM Rational DOORS, model based collaboration environment, and services covering training tailored for custom needs, model reviews, and tool customization.
Transport & Logistics Deutsche Bahn Systemtechnik GmbH. DB Systemtechnik covers a wide range of railway engineering in two business segments:consulting on the maintenance and redesign of rolling stock; and testing and certification for components and whole vehicles. Driving innovations, modernization, and expansion. Deutsche Bahn says: “Investing in the modernization and expansion of our fleet, our network and our facilities keeps us up-to-date and competitive while creating added value for our customers.” Client from Aug, 2012 through present. No Magic’s solution covers systems and data modeling products, model based collaboration environment, SysML and MBSE training and consultations, and transformation services.
Signaling & Control General Electric Transportation. GE Transportation (formerly GE Rail) manufactures equipment for the railroad, marine, mining, drilling and energy generation industries. GE Transportation’s solutions ensure safe, reliable yet optimized and cost efficient movement of trains covering automatic train protection & control systems, computer-based interlocking systems, signal data transmission systems, train detection systems. Support for mission critical solutions and services development. GE Transportation’s portfolio of signaling and train control of state of the art safety-critical solutions and services ensure safe, reliable, yet optimized and cost efficient movement of trains. MBSE is used to: improve the development process with the aid of formal methods; remove requirements ambiguity which natural language introduces; introduce formal modeling and code generation; do model-based process compliant with the CENELEC standards (i.e. the set of norms and methods used while implementing a railway product for the European market). Client from Sept, 2010 through present. No Magic’s solution covers systems modeling products, integration with IBM Rational DOORS, model based collaboration environment, SysML and MBSE onsite and online training, custom development, and migration from open source TOPCASED to MagicDraw.
Railway Intelligence Berner & Mattner Systemtechnik GmbH.  Consulting company for over a decade, managing sophisticated projects for railway operators and manufacturers of railway systems. Currently employs 450 professionals at 7 locations in Germany and Austria.  Improving communication using well developed and recognized standards. Berner & Mattner offers variety of services in complex projects. Leading companies such as Bombardier Transportation, Deutsche Bahn and many more have been placing their trust in Berner & Mattner’s expertise for years. Berner & Mattner is a pioneer in model-based technologies. UML and SysML standards are widely used for systems architecture specification with excellent results. Client from Mar, 2010 till Now. No Magic’s solution covers systems and software modeling products, including a model based collaboration environment.
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