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During research and development (R&D), teams often discover similarities among system components within the same or previous projects that can be reused, with the potential of saving on cost and time. The overall development effort can be dramatically reduced by reusing the different artifacts. The ability to have a repository of reusable modelling artifacts and reuse them for each new project is a very promising approach.

The 2015 INCOSE International Workshop Transportation & Rail breakout session identified reusability as a major gain received from using MBSE. Railway companies already identified the advantages of reusability some time ago.

There are many levels of model reuse. This time let’s focus on requirements, system constraints, and system interfaces reusability carried out in aerospace projects by ESO.

The following short paper illustrates an approach how text-only requirements can be parametrized and their properties formally typed. SysML provides the means to bind those properties to constraint parameters in order to constrain the system design. Requirements can be reused in a formal way and create a consistent requirements specification across projects. Relations among system properties are described with «ConstraintBlock»s which allows a formal reuse of specifications and constraining the design of systems of systems.

Note: There is a special PBR (Property Based Requirements) working group at OMG which discusses how SysML Requirements can be defined in a more precise, formal and verifiable way. The goal is to add these concepts into the SysML 1.5 specification. However, it can also be partially achieved by using the existing modeling tools.

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Karban, R., L. Andolfato, and M. Zamparelli. “Towards Model Re-usability for the development of telescope control systems.” 12th International Conference on Accelerator and Large Experimental Control Systems (ICALEPCS 2009), Kobe, Japan. 2009.

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