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Publis from TS - CopyIn the traditional systems engineering, or so-called document-based systems engineering, work products are created separately and consistency between these products is maintained manually by the designer(s) of the system. One of the biggest model-based systems engineering ROI is the ability to automatically generate consistent work products out of a systems model. This session demonstrates various approaches to work product generation from models. A special emphasis is put on publishing information stored in the models on the web to various stakeholders, some of which have never been exposed to MBSE, models, or modeling tools.

The session demonstrates:

  • TechnologiessupportedbyCameoSystemsModeler for work product generation
    • VTL template-based reporting
    • SysML Views&Viewpoints approach to document generation
    • Generation of work products by exporting them directly from the model
  • Publishing models on the web
  • Reviewing published models on the web and tracking review progress
  • Integrating published models with Wikis
  • Customizing the appearance and information fidelity of published models

The comparison of the documentation generation approaches is provided in this session

Technology Target user group Templates supported Commenting supported Customization can be done by Customization technology
VTL templates for documents (Word, Excel, etc.) Non-modelers and modelers Yes Yes, basic support Customer VTL scripting
Web reports Modelers Yes No Customer VTL scripting
Web Portals Non-modelers and modelers Yes Yes, basic support No Magic Java coding
Document Modeling plugin / SysML V&V Non-modelers and modelers Partially No Customer Modeling
Cameo Collaborator / SysML V&V Non-modelers and modelers Yes Yes, advanced support Customer Modeling


Slides used during presentation:

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Webinar recording:



Q&A session answers:

Download (PDF, Unknown)

The session is hosted by Dr. Andrius Armonas, MagicDraw Product Manager at No Magic

Learn more at: http://www.nomagic.com/mbse/


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  2 Responses to “Documentation Generation and Reviewing Models on the Web”

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    Dr. Armonas:

    Thanks for the presentation. May I be clarified from you: The SysML Views and Viewpoints you presented , can that be any view and viewpoints from UPDM such as anyone of these OV, SV, CV, PV, StdV and DIV? If so, how to hierarchy from systems of systems such as subsystems, components and elements? I wish you can provide another presentation as start from UPDM., down thru MBSE (SySML) then in between there are subsystems from UPDM to MBSE, then components and elements to be modeled under SysML for all the behavior, structural and dynamic (interaction) diagrams.


    Roy Tsui
    Senior Principal Systems Engineer & Architect
    BAE Systems

  2. Avatar

    Great, I do need demos that cannot be found in manuals and guides. I wish I can be provided to all the links, so I can explore and play with the actual demo examples.

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