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There is a clear convergence coming among a variety of well-established business and IT disciplines. Some Enterprise Architects have realized that IT centric EA is doomed without appropriate business direction driving the vision. Business Process Management professionals have been consistently moving the BPM practice to enterprise wide business process architectures for the sustainable management and governance of end to end process assets and total alignment of process results and measures to external stakeholder outcomes. Many Business Analysts are taking a much wider and strategic view of the businesses they must analyze if they are to be successful in defining business, business system and information systems requirements. All of these are all marching towards the same space but are coming from a different starting point, however. How can we get these apparently disparate professions to share the same perspective and knowledge base?

This session introduce a proven approach to have everyone working towards a common foundation. Building a true multidimensional Business Architecture from the point of view of the business and not solely from the perspective of an individual professional group is what is needed for all groups to start together. No one group of professionals can do it alone and none of them should own it outright. Business Architecture is for the whole business and its stewardship must reside there. This session outline how we can build a shareable, robust and sustainable Business Architecture that everyone can use.

Short agenda of session:

  • A little history of EA, BPM and BA practices (where we are coming from)
  • An integrated view of the component parts as seen by the business (where we are going to)
  • A method that glues it all together to achieve strategic outcomes (A Business Architecture method)
  • Some illustrations of its use in private sector and government (case studies)
  • What does this mean for BPM and BA professionals (your future)

Download the material presented during BPM in Practice 2013 conference.

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Roger is a co-founder of BPTrends RogerAssociates; the services firm of the world-leading knowledge portal. He started the pioneering Process Renewal Group (PRG) in 1993. He is regarded globally as a thought leader and dynamic practitioner who can bring reason, clarity, and practicality to ways of managing complex BPM challenges. Roger’s insights can be found in his acclaimed book: Business Process Management: Profiting from Process and other publications including his column in

To find out more,  share practical experience gained from applying various BPM methodologies and approaches in organizations from a wide variety of domains meet us at the BPM in Practice 2014. The conference is one of the ways we share our passion for business process architecture and analysis.

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    hola quisiera que me envíes mas artículos trabajo en procesos de negocio

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