Kritsana Uttamang


I am the analyst manager at No Magic Asia, Ltd., the software company that develops modeling tools for software engineers and system engineers. I manage the analyst department and contribute my knowledge in SysML and requirements analysis to the team. I am also the system analyst of MagicDraw SysML, Cameo Systems Modeler and Cameo Simulation Toolkit. They are the most popular modeling tools for system engineers widely used by many aerospace and defense companies such as JPL, LMCO, ESO and Raytheon. Follow me at

Apr 102014
Collaboration between Simulated Model and External System: Controlling LEGO Mindstorms with Cameo Simulation Toolkit

This paper shows the use of opaque behaviors containing JavaScripts to enable the communications between the simulated model of the controller and the external device, which is LEGO Mindstorms configured as ShooterBot. The controller model has been designed with MagicDraw SysML plugin and will be executed by Cameo Simulation Toolkit. During model execution, the mock-up […]