Jan 142015

EA3MBSE (Model Based Systems Engineering) is the future of SE. MBSE helps to improve the productivity of systems developing by moving from document based approach to the modeling. However SysML is neither a modeling methodology nor a framework. Our clients reached the best results using SysML within the Defense Architecture Frameworks. The main identified benefits are:

  • The raised level of abstraction to see the big picture of the systems architecture
  • The model is the single source of data
  • Different views are provided to represent the model data
  • Different roles are brought together in one place to reach the goals.

This presentation is about how to adapt modeling successfully in the organization for building high value models.

The session demonstrates:

  • Enterprise Architecture frameworks
  • NAF framework and views
  • Functional, Logical, and Physical views
  • Modelling SysML with NAF framework
  • SysML Compliance Mode in Cameo Enterprise Architecture
  • Best practices from our clients

The session was hosted by Dr. Lina Bisikirskienė, CEA Product Manager at No Magic, Inc.

Learn more at: http://www.nomagic.com/mbse/

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  One Response to “MBSE in Enterprise Architecture Using SysML and UPDM”

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    Dr. Lina Bisikskiene
    If we are using Systems of Systems (SoS) to be interconnected within a SYSTEM that is where we started with EA using UPDM to prepare all views and viewpoints. When we fold down to Systems Viewpoint (SV), we implement the SoS if we follow with your approach. In the real world, every individual SoS has its EA, will there be any efficient approach from CAMEO tool that can let users just DRAG and DROP of the SoS EA into the SYSTEM EA and automatically in synchronous with all information: CAMEO will place all SoS EA as a subset to fit into the superset SYSTEM EA? If not, any future plan for CAMEO to do that. Can you recommend any of your expert to discuss with me how to resolve such issue in a short term?
    Roy K. Tsui
    Sr. Principal Systems Engineer & Architect
    BAE Systems

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