Apr 242014


Business is struggling when it comes to IT innovations.

According to a Gartner report, at least $2.68 TRILLION in total spending and 80% to 85% of IT budgets is used to Keep the Lights On. The cost of maintenance has never had more zeroes. That’s a lot of money that could have been used to deploy new customer facing solutions.

Money wasted on maintenance is a sad enough story, but there is a second rail of inefficiency that is even more troubling: IT Backlog. It is based entirely on the accumulation of new service or change requests made by business units that IT has a hard time delivering. This failure to deliver is due to limitations ranging from a lack of budget to a lack of resources and skills.

That is one of the primary reasons IT and business have a problem getting on the same page.

E2EThe way companies are currently dealing with their backlogs and technical debt is not working. It is an unsustainable business model that will render IT departments infective and irrelevant – relegated to being a cost center and unable to help companies innovate.

But there is one alternative that will shrink your yearly total cost of ownership and free valuable resources to innovate.

Don’t bother reading on if you have a closed mind or feel you already have all the answers.

A unique middleware platform deployed in hundreds of global accounts. This platform reduces total cost of ownership by as much as 50% annually and allows for rapid deployment of new business services in a fraction of the time of traditional approaches.

This platform puts you in the driver’s seat and will reduce your total cost of ownership. This platform, called the Cameo E2E Bridge is a very different approach, 100% model driven, giving all stakeholders a visual platform to define requirements, eliminating all traditional coding thereby all but eliminating misunderstanding between business and IT. The Bridge allows clients to implement new business requirements and all associated technical improvements in their existing IT landscape transparently, rapidly and cost-effectively. One platform that provides a 360 degree transparent business solution that allows a client to leverage their legacy systems, streamline IT operations, improve business workflow and allow for rapid deployment of new customer facing applications.


Model driven solution eliminates misunderstanding between business and IT

 Change made simple with the Cameo E2E Bridge

  • Learn from real case studies – We have numerous case studies that provide very specific ROI results
  • Keep what’s working – change everything else
  • Choose an effective feasibility study (POC)
  • Gain self confidence due to fast project success
  • Modernization trough controllable incremental steps

 If you want to learn more just email me at pete@nomagic.com or put comment here.

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