Justinas Bisikirskas


Apr 292014

High SpeedHave you ever used a modeling tool to build an engineering model collaboratively? If so, you‘ll know that it‘s really easy to augment a model into a huge one. In fact, the huge model depends on multiple libraries or profiles and consists of external parts. What extra do you get? The tool slows down in order to process more and more data; the model requires more and more time for managing its complexity and dependencies.

So how do we cope with these increasing in size and complexity models?

Businesses need new and different solutions to support data scalability and to continue to drive model-based engineering. Doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results is, as Albert Einstein said, insanity.

That is where a new scalable collaborative solution comes in.

After a long research we discovered that a scalable collaborative solution is actually a smart server together with other smart tools that are able to use all bits of new technologies. To design this platform we started from two primitive goals:

  1. Transparently scale from a single workstation to hundreds of servers in multiple datacenters;
  2. Incorporate all best practices learned at current Teamwork Server solution;

Additionally we added core principles in order to have a more focused view:

  • High scalable modeling environment with storage capabilities.
  • Effective team collaboration support in modeling, model commenting and reporting.
  • Trusted repository for preserving business knowledge and corporate memory.
  • Continuous opportunities for integration with other tools.

I am happy to share that all these ideas and visions I have written above will be available to try very soon. As a result of new technologies used in this solution we also see some great opportunities to incorporate additional features in the future you might find useful in your projects too:

  • Time-saving performance for collaborative work via modeling tools;
  • Web-based accessibility of a model and its commenting capability;
  • Fine-grained and quick analysis of your models;
  • API for need-specific functional extendibility.

To find out even more, meet us at the No Magic World Conference 2014. The conference is one of the ways we share our passion for modeling, technology and engineering. It is a great opportunity to see one of the first results of a future scalable modeling solution.

Image credits http://www.bombardier.com

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