Nov 132013

It is a common need to have a review process of models. Requirements for such a process could be:

    1. Issues that are found by a reviewer should be directly related to the model element or diagram.
    2. It should not be possible for a reviewer to change the model elements / diagrams.


review linkMagicDraw has the ability to create link into model elements or diagrams. This is a good way to uniquely indicate the reviewable part of the model. Following this link can not only select required elements in project, but also start MagicDraw and open the required project (if using Teamwork Server).

The question is where to store review information to make it easy accessible and manageable. The simplest but the most solid and long lasting solution is to have a change management system, e.g.: Bugzilla (free), Atlassian JIRA, or a similar system and store review comments with links to the model as review task.

More information about ability to add and follow links to the model can be found at MagicDraw User Manual, Section “Copying/Opening Element URLs”.

It is important that the reviewer may not accidentally edit the model. There are a couple of solutions for this:

  • Disable edit permission for this user for particular projects if Teamwork Server is used.
  • Provide reviewer with no cost MagicDraw Reader edition; this edition can only read the model, but not modify it.

Some other review methods are possible. Feel free to share your experience and needs.

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